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Our Mission
To represent citizens of Texas who believe in the conservative values of limited government and personal responsibility, and in the freedom of conscience and full equality under constitutional law for all citizens, regardless of religious or other beliefs, walks of life, or demographic category, and that rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights take precedence over all other rights or benefits that may be conferred by any government.

This representation is to be pursued by the establishment of a policy center and a forum, both operating from a stated perspective of conservative, laissez-faire classical liberalism, addressing federal, state, and local laws, ordinances and policies affecting all constitutional and other legal rights enumerated under the constitutions of the United States of America and of the State of Texas, and other established laws.

Our initial focus is primarily the preservation and incorporation of First Amendment rights within the context of civil rights laws of non-discrimination of specific demographic groups, with a current focus on issues of free speech, freedom of association, Judeo-Christian ethics, religious liberty, and current issues associated under the label of ‘GLBT,’ ‘LGBT,’ or related acronyms. This mission may be expanded in the future to add other areas of concern, within the context and parameters of our overall mission.

In pursuing our mission, the Texas Conservative Liberty Forum is formally committed in its bylaws to establish and promote venues of public discourse with a tolerance of a broad range of views, including those critical of TCLF itself.



Marco A. Roberts, Chairman
Luis LaRotta, ViceChairman
Craig Paradee, Treasurer
Michael Alberts, Secretary

Board of Directors
Board members vote on administrative as well as policy matters of the Texas Conservative Liberty Forum.

James Rains
James Peinado
Luis LaRotta
Christina LaRotta
Jay Karahan
Jonathan Gaspard
Susanna Dokupil
Sean Cheben
Michael D. Cargill
John Baucum
Mike Alberts

Advisory Panel
Members of the Advisory Panel provide advice on policy, but do not have a vote.  Panel members may or may not be members of TCLF, and may or may not subscribe to each individual policy stance or position taken by the organization.

Rolando Garcia
Scott Bowen
Jason Vaughn

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