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Our Mission
To represent citizens of Texas who believe in the conservative values of limited government and personal responsibility, and in the freedom of conscience and full equality under constitutional law for all citizens, regardless of religious or other beliefs, walks of life, or demographic category, and that rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights take precedence over all other rights or benefits that may be conferred by any government.

This representation is to be pursued by the establishment of a policy center and a forum, both operating from a stated perspective of conservative, laissez-faire classical liberalism, addressing federal, state, and local laws, ordinances and policies affecting all constitutional and other legal rights enumerated under the constitutions of the United States of America and of the State of Texas, and other established laws.

Our initial focus is primarily the preservation and incorporation of First Amendment rights within the context of civil rights laws of non-discrimination of specific demographic groups, with a current focus on issues of free speech, freedom of association, Judeo-Christian ethics, religious liberty, and current issues associated under the label of ‘GLBT,’ ‘LGBT,’ or related acronyms. This mission may be expanded in the future to add other areas of concern, within the context and parameters of our overall mission.

In pursuing our mission, the Texas Conservative Liberty Forum is formally committed in its bylaws to establish and promote venues of public discourse with a tolerance of a broad range of views, including those critical of TCLF itself.
TCLF Chairman joins weekly panel to discuss Texas Comptroller Glen Hegar dropping lawsuit over claims of defunding of police in Harris County, and Elon Musk's Twitter labeling NPR as 'state-affiliated' on official Twitter profile.
TCLF Chairman Marco Roberts joins weekly panel to discuss Texas Governor Gregg Abbott's notification to state agencies that the use of "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" (DEI) initiatives in hiring are illegal.
As last State Chairman of Log Cabin Republicans of Texas, and long activism in Texas in issues of concern to gay and trans Texans from a conservative perspective, TCLF Chairman Marco Roberts offers his view of what's ahead in this legislative session.
TCLF Chairman Marco Roberts joins weekly panel to discuss a report that Texas is #1 in 'banning' books; the bi-partisan consortium of mayors meeting in Houston; and a Texas sheriff initiating an investigation of Texas and Florida governors for the transportation of foreign migrants illegally in the country out of their states to states in support of the migrants' migration decisions.
TCLF Vice Chairman Luis LaRotta's guest column outlines the core reasons for the founding of the Texas Conservative Liberty Forum.  "It’s time conservatives reframe the false narratives, redirect our focus and advance united in a common cause in support of freedom of speech, religious liberty, freedom of conscience, freedom of self-defense, freedom of self-determination, and all our other constitutionally guaranteed rights which are in real peril."
Commentary report includes TCLF Chairman's assessment of state convention developments.
In extended 30-minute interview with Dallas news anchor Jason Wheeler and Jason Whitely, the Senior Political Reporter at WFAA, TCLF Chairman Marco Roberts is invited to discuss the state of Texas politics on the right-side of the aisle in regards to issues of freedom of speech, discrimination, the state convention of the Republican Party of Texas, and controversial 'LGBT' issues. (You may need to scroll and load past shows to see "It's an interesting time to be a Republican in Texas" and then skip to minute 8, and due to the length, occasionally reload.)
In the wake of the state convention of the Republican Party of Texas, with setbacks from the perspective of gay Republicans, and the creation of our new organization - the Texas Conservative Liberty Forum - reporter covers developments and future prospects for conservatives previously under the Freedom First Republicans banner.
Report on developments at the Republican State Convention, the presence of the new Texas Conservative Liberty Forum with a booth at the state convention, and TCLF's reaction to booth denial for other groups, stating support for same rules for all.
“What these events and protests show is that there is clearly a deep and bitter divide in our country, and in our state, over what’s appropriate for kids, and the extent that ideology is infusing the raising of our children, be at schools, or other venues like this one." - Marco Roberts, TCLF Chairman
Houston KHOU Channel 11 Report on Founding of TCLF 
FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2022
Evening newscast is first media report of the founding of TCLF on May 5, 2022.
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